Prolong Razor Case | Safety and Travel Razor Case for Mach 3
Removes Moisture

Prolong Razor Case removes moisture from your razor, extending the life of your blades.

Keeps Your Razor Sharp

The Average razor lasts only 150 strokes, with Prolong Razor Case your razor will last much longer.

Save Money and the Environment with Fewer Razors In Landfill

Many people spend $300 a year on razors only to throw them away. Find out how you can save money and the environment.

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Prolong Razor Case Saves You Money

The average person spends over $300 a year on razor blades. What a waste of money! If you are used to getting two weeks before replacing your razor, now with Prolong Razor Case you could get three months to over a year!!! Now you can enjoy using high-end five blade razors at a fraction of the cost! You not only save a lot of money, you save a lot of time looking for gifts.

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Your Purchase Helps Keep America's Troops Razor Sharp

Buy one Give one

Prolong Razor Case will match every purchase with a donation of a Razor Case to the United States Armed Services. Our Service members have made personal sacrifices for our country.Your purchase gives our military a thank you for their service.

Prolong Razor Case LLC is Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business

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