prolong razor case
Prolong Razor Case: The Savior of Razor Blades

Changing razor blades and disposing of them frequently can be quite a menace. However, you can easily protect your precious razors from damage with the Prolong razor case.  These cases protect your razors from oxidizing and keep them sharp for a longer time for a pocket-friendly shaving experience.

A good and sturdy razor case is a long term investment that aids in smooth and safe shaving. These airtight razor cases can help you in keeping infections at bay since it prevents bacteria from building up on the razor blade’s surface.

Why use Prolong Razor Case?

The Prolong Razor case can be a great aid in maintaining your razors for improved hygiene. With these razor cases, you can easily ward off a number of maintenance woes for a better shaving experience. These airtight razor cases are a must-have for both men and women. To know more about how these blades can aid you leveling up your shaving read on!

  • Keeps moisture away: These razor cases are designed in such a way that it soaks up moisture from razor blades. Storing razors in these cases can prevent the blades on your razor from rusting which improves your shaving experience dramatically. As without moisture, your razor blades can retain its sharpness for a longer duration of time with ease.
  • Gives you more shaves: Since a razor case protects the blades from corrosion, you can easily get more shaves out of your razor by using a safety razor case. Also, by using a razor case you’ll be disposing of lesser razor and saving money on frequent razor purchase.  Moreover, this economical step is eco- friendly as well since you’ll be disposing of lesser waste.
  • Easy to carry: You can use prolong cases as a razor travel case as well. Since it will protect your razors from germs and external damage while you’re traveling. Further, it’s lightweight and sturdy packaging makes it ideal for traveling.

Who can use this razor case?

The razor designs of women and men razors are quite different and the sharpness of the blades varies as well. Due to the difference in designs we often believe that the women and men razor case must have a different design for storage. However, that’s a myth! A well-designed razor case can easily store both male and female razors in itself.

 Although there a number of cases that are specially designed for men and women, the prolong case can act as both men and women razor cases. Its design enables it to store razors of all shapes and sizes which makes it compatible for both men and women razors. Hence, its versatile design makes these razor cases a top-notch product to invest for both men and women.

Side-effects of not using proper Razor cases:

Prolong razor case is a must-have for those who shave on a daily basis. Without a razor blade, your shaving process can become inconvenient. Also if you are not storing your razors properly then it might damage your skin. Hence without a proper storage case, your favorite grooming tool might become the reason for your nightmares. To know why you need a safety razor case for an effortless shaving, keep reading.

  • Low lifetime: when you keep your razors without any cover or protection the razor blades oxidizes on a faster rate than usual. Due to faster oxidization rates and bacteria build up the razors that are exposed to open air for a long time loses its sharpness and damages quickly. Hence if you don’t want to overspend on razor blades frequently, a razor travel case can be a great investment.
  • Bacteria Build-up: The moisture present in the air acts as a catalyst for the bacteria build-up over the surface of razor blades. These bacterias can cause acne, rashes, and itchiness on your skin after shaving. So to ensure safe shaving protecting your razor blades from the moisture is a must since it can prevent bacterias from building up. To protect your razor store them in specially designed razor cases like Prolong razor case. It removes moisture from your blades and keeps skin rashes away.
  • Cuts and razor burns: Razor burns and cuts can be quite an annoyance to your skin and create long-time scars as well. Although when a razor is handled with care and caution there are lesser chances of cuts and burns. However, if your razor is exposed to moisture for a long time it can lose its sharpness. Hence you’ll have to exert extra pressure to get a shave which can cause skin burns and rashes.
  • External damage: Carrying a razor without a proper case makes it more susceptible to breakage. As most razors usually have delicate joints and body due to which it can break easily. Hence if you want to ensure that your razor stays durable for long term protecting it is a must. With a sturdy safety razor case, you can easily protect your razors from external damage.

Therefore, a Razor case is a must-have addition to your shaving kit for cost-effective shaving.  It will not only maintain your razors but save your skin from shaving disasters as well. So grab a Prolong razor case online for soft and smooth shave daily.